cruz azul jersey 2023,The value of jerseys for the future.

Some people say that the World Cup tournament is a “large-scale trade fair”. This year, it ignited the “old jersey” market, bringing jersey culture back to the forefront of fashion after many years. Previously, celebrities such as Rihanna and supermodel Bella Hadid brought merchandise, and later trendy bloggers sneaked into the 1970s British bar “old club”. The BlokeCore style formula emerged – “old jersey+jeans+vintage sneakers”, with the essence of tucking the hem of the jersey into the pants. Most of those who closely follow this trend are those born after 1995 and 2000. The old jersey quickly became a traffic password, and BlockeCore refreshed over 10 million views on TikTok and over 5 million views on Xiaohongshu. Obviously, the “jersey” has stepped out of the “stand”. According to e-commerce platform data, since October this year, Tmall’s football category transactions have surged by 40%, with football uniforms growing by over 50%. According to JD New Department Store, the turnover of jerseys has tripled year-on-year, and female consumers have bought 40% of the German and Spanish national team jerseys. Perhaps it’s hard to imagine the strange phenomenon of “buying short sleeves in winter”, but this is enough to reveal the power of the “collection economy” in football culture. Nowadays, the jerseys of football stars are not only a treasure for fans, but also a trendy item for young people, with a market size of billions.

If carefully distinguished, those trendy bloggers who are chasing BlokeCore are either wearing “old jerseys” or “replica old jerseys”. Some people say that this is another wave of dad style fashion after the “bureau style”. Half new yet not old, steady yet half mature, retro yet casual perfectly caters to the psychology of personality display. But it cannot be ignored that the “old jersey” has followed the trend of the World Cup. Buying “dumpling skin” Raab dolls is just a way to liven up the fun, and real fans will buy match uniforms and use jerseys to express their attitude. They prefer those field elements, including jerseys, shoes, football, star cards, and even World Cup stickers, gloves, and scarves. These joys that belong to fans have created the current scene of “old jerseys” being in high demand.

A well looking Brazilian national team home jersey from the 1980s, with a secondary market value of up to 6000 RMB. In the 1990s, Arsenal’s “broken banana” that had been worn for two seasons was also praised for hundreds of pounds.

The “internet famous jersey” of the 2018 World Cup, Nigeria’s home jersey was sold out just 3 minutes after its opening. At that time, its selling price was about 600 yuan, but now it has increased to two or three times its original price on eBay. A signed jersey on eBay can easily sell for over ten thousand yuan, making it a “jersey finance”. The rumor that “a hundred jerseys are worth a house” and “there is a car hidden in the storage cabinet” may not be exaggerated. Hard core jersey collectors can only be called “trench inhumanity”. In the concept of jersey collection, there are multiple versions: fan versions available for retail channels and “improved” for comfortable wear by the public, player versions of star jerseys with the same design, locker room versions exclusively provided by clubs, and off court versions worn by players on the field. The price difference between the first two can be doubled. The latter two have a heavier collection weight, higher scarcity, and high prices. Especially in the final version, the addition of “good stories” can even fetch exorbitant prices. In May of this year, Maradona sold a jersey for £ 7.1 million (approximately RMB 60 million), setting a new record for sports souvenir auctions. And this jersey was worn by Maradona during the 1986 World Cup match between Argentina and England, when he created the world-renowned “Hand of God”. Ultimately, the value of old jerseys is determined by market supply and demand. The new jerseys for the new season are in constant supply, and the stock of “old jerseys” is limited, thus becoming scarce.

This year, Messi and Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) have both reached the end of their careers, and related collectibles have become popular. Some of the league’s jerseys in the second tier market in the past two years have exceeded their selling prices. Neymar has also almost reached the moment of farewell. In a previous interview with Brazilian media outlet Global Sports, he said, “I cannot guarantee that I will play the World Cup again, so I will make this the last one.”


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